Teleworking Tips: How to make teleworking secure?

Faced with an unprecedented global situation, the fight against the spread of the Coronavirus requires containment. PROSYGMA Sarl offers you tips and tricks that the non-initiated computer users will be able to use with great ease. 

1. Open an account on the computer (not an administrator account): If your company has not provided you with a dedicated computer, you are obliged to use your personal machine, the family computer.

- Under Windows

- Hold down the Windows + i keys on your keyboard ;

- Choose Accounts;

- Click on the option Family and other users, then change the account type.

2. Do not connect to social networks with your work machine: Hackers map their targets. They now have an opportunity to choose and select professional populations outside their respective companies. This makes it much easier to reach connections and machines in less secure spaces.

3. Walls have ears: Without falling into counter-productive paranoia, pay attention to your video conferences with your colleagues, management, customers and partners.

Talking in the "secure" environment of your home should not make you forget that oral information can be sensitive, private and protected.

               Think about setting up a confidential space for your oral conversations.

4. Think about digital confinement:  Is the day over? Think about unplugging your computer; closing your business account; making backups on an external digital medium.   This support (hard disk, USB key) must be encrypted.