In force at 01 march 2016

PROSYGMA CAMEROUN. (« PROSYGMA » or « us » or « our ») respects your privacy and are committed to protecting the personal data (as defined below) that you provide to us when using our websites (the « Site » as defined below). Your use of the Site is subject to your acceptance of the terms of this policy regarding the processing of personal data (the « Policy on Personal Data ») as well as our Terms of Use. For the purposes of the protection of Personal Data and applicable privacy laws, the controller is PROSYGMA CAMEROON, Boulevard de L'Unité, Douala, Cameroon.

This Privacy Policy sets out the basis on which we process all personal data about you that you provide to us or that we collect from you, and it is intended to inform you of the following :

Your use of the Site will constitute acceptance of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, please do not use this site. PROSYGMA reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time and you are requested to periodically check this site to be up to date on the latest changes. If we make any material changes to this Privacy Policy, you will be notified of such changes by means of a notice to appear on the Site or this Privacy Policy and, if necessary, we will give you several choices. relating to this or these amendments. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will be effective immediately upon posting. Your continued use of the Site will be unreserved acceptance of any changes that may have been made.


We currently operate the website whose address is, all its sub-sites, software, products, all the features, all the games and services made available to you, offered or accessible through our website or our subsites (ensemble, le « Site »).

From time to time, we may add new subsites to this site, but these subsites will provide you with a link to this Privacy Policy and will therefore be governed by this Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions General Terms Of Use.


As described in more detail below, we may from time to time offer you the opportunity to receive information about the products and services offered by PROSYGMA and / or third-party affiliates engaged in marketing activities and therefore you hereby consent to the transfer of your personal data to third party affiliates engaged in marketing activities selected by us. You may prevent any future disclosure of Personal Data about you to us or third parties for direct marketing purposes by choosing to exercise your right to opt out of the processing of your Personal Data for this purpose, free of charge. , using one of the means described below :

  1. You can send an e-mail expressly making this request to: PROSYGMA: Privacy Officer, Boulevard de l'Unité, Douala, Cameroon or, or
  2. You may access your user profile and change your privacy preferences by choosing not to receive PROSYGMA's direct marketing marketing communications and / or third-party affiliates engaged in marketing activities, or
  3. Upon receiving any electronic marketing communications from us, you may click on a link at the bottom of this communication to cancel your subscription to future marketing communications from us.

To the extent that we offer you the option of opting out of the processing of Personal Data about you for direct marketing purposes by the means described above, we do not provide the names or addresses of third parties to which we communicate Personal Data for direct marketing purposes. We specify that our clients domiciled or residing on the French, German and Italian territories will not be able to receive marketing communications directly from third parties.

In the event that you contact us with a specific request where you agree to receive communications from PROSYGMA, including relating to participation in services, events, sweepstakes, contests, surveys and / or promotions, after having in a first chosen time not to accept, we reserve the right, in the sole and complete discretion of PROSYGMA, to send you communications if necessary. We will act reasonably to ensure that the communications addressed are limited to the scope of your request and / or your acceptance. You hereby acknowledge that it is your responsibility to renew your refusal of acceptance after expressing the choice to accept as described above.


If you have a question, complaint, comment about this Privacy Policy, please contact PROSYGMA by email :, by mail: PROSYGMA Privacy Officer, Boulevard de l'Unité, Douala, Cameroon or by phone: +237 698 87 32 80 (ask the Privacy Officer).


Please note that the content, games and services provided on the Site are not intended for minors under the age of thirteen (13) in the United States or twelve (12) years in the European Union (« Children »). Therefore, unless otherwise provided for in the General Terms Of Use or in our Policy on Personal Data, registration and / or access to such content, games and services by Children are strictly prohibited. Minors under the age of 18 should consult their parents or legal guardians before providing us with Personal Data.




Personal Data is data that allows, directly or indirectly to identify a specific person, such as the full name of the person (first and last name, his e-mail address or his mailing address or Internet protocol, and / or his phone number); Site visitors who wish to purchase products or services will be required to provide certain additional information, such as a valid credit card number, the expiry date of this card, a billing address and a mailing address (ensemble, les « Personal Data »).

The Personal Data that we collect is limited to those that you provide to us of your own free will (for example: when registering on the Site or following any interaction with the Site). If you choose to provide us with Personal Data about you, this communication will most often take one of the following forms: (1) registration of an account or product, or registration to participate in an online game, (2) buying products or services in our online store (including the purchase of digital items intra game (« Virtual Properties »), (3) message boards or forums, (4) newsletters, (5) electronic cards or emails of the type "To send to a friend", (6) registration for competitions, (7) consumer service or technical assistance, (8) consumer complaint (s) and (9) evaluation surveys.

We collect only the information necessary to respond to your requests and / or to pursue our legitimate business objectives, in accordance with this Policy on Personal Data, and we will retain this information only as long as necessary to fulfill those purposes.

You have a right of access to information held about you, in accordance with the applicable laws on the protection of Personal Data and on the respect of the private life.

Insofar as the French law on the protection of personal data (the Data Protection Act) applies to you, you have the right to oppose the processing of your Personal Data for no legitimate reason. Please note that under the Data Protection Act, you have other rights with respect to the processing of Personal Data about you, including in particular the right to rectify, update, lock or erase your Data Characteristics. Staff. If you have questions about the use of your personal data, please contact PROSYGMA by e-mail at

If you refuse to submit Personal Data about yourself when requested by the system and the communication of this Data is mandatory (and not optional), you will not be able to access certain areas or applications of the Site (chat and forums, for example).


PROSYGMA provides some content, online games (everyone a « Game ») and/or services through the Site. Some areas of the Site are accessed anonymously as a visitor, but you may not be able to access all of the content and applications contained in these areas if you do not create an account with us (for example: to participate in our Games or purchase Virtual Goods related to a Game, additional information such as your surname and billing information will be required) (an « Account »). Important information about the registration procedures and the security of your Account is described in our General Terms Of Use.


In general, you must hold an Account to receive e-mails from us, it being understood that you may however receive e-mail communications from us on an ad hoc basis if you have made direct contact with us. we for a specific request or to receive newsletters (newsletter) by e-mail. You may opt out of receiving emails from us for direct marketing purposes; to do this, please follow the procedure in the email about your "unsubscription". In addition, except for jurisdictions where prohibited by law, the Site or certain services offered through it may allow you to submit information about other people. For example, we offer applications for "sending to a friend" (via electronic cards available on the Site or through our newsletters). In this case, users will have to provide a friend's e-mail address and, sometimes, his / her surname. Once sent to a friend, this information is removed. We do not keep the recipient's email address for longer than is necessary to complete the transmission. In our sending to your friend, we offer him the opportunity to "unsubscribe" to no longer receive emails from us. You can also submit a person's name and other information about it if you buy a gift and want it sent directly to the recipient. A record of this transaction will be kept, to the extent permitted and / or required by law.


To participate in sweepstakes, contests, surveys and other promotions, you may be asked to provide additional Personal Data about you, such as your mailing address. This information may be collected by PROSYGMA or by third parties such as co-sponsors or distributors associated with the promotion. Potential winners may be asked to provide certain additional Personal Data concerning them in order to verify their eligibility, award them the relevant prize and for tax purposes. The use of this information by PROSYGMA is governed by this Policy on Personal Data. The names of third parties, such as co-sponsors (other than PROSYGMA's distributors to drive, administer and execute a promotion on behalf of PROSYGMA) will be communicated to you when you are offered to participate in the promotion. Please read the policies applicable to the processing of personal data implemented by these third parties to verify how they collect and use the information concerned.


When you register to participate in one of our paid games or make an online purchase from us (including the purchase of Virtual Goods related to a Game), we ask you to provide the necessary billing information : surname, information on your credit card or other means of payment, postal address and / or billing. This information allows us to provide you with the content, the Game, the Virtual Goods, the service or the product concerned (in accordance with the conditions of sale, such as our General Terms of Use and the applicable End User License Agreement for such Games). Certain Personal Data about you may also be required to answer questions related to customer service, billing, or technical and IT support.


When you play the Games offered and / or managed by PROSYGMA, or when you use the means of communication offered by the Site, your Internet Protocol address (unique number assigned to your server or your Internet provider) (the " IP address ") from which you access the aforementioned elements can be stored in our systems and archives. PROSYGMA may keep this IP Address under surveillance for system management purposes, for general information reporting, site tracking, to ensure security, or to prevent misuse of our servers.

When a game is updated or a patch patch is available, the patch patching program can verify that your computer has the latest version of the game-specific files. When communicating with the framework of a Game or other means of communication of the Site (live chat, instant messaging service, etc.), even "private" with another person, you do so knowing that these communications go through our servers and can be controlled by us. By using the means of communication of the Site, you expressly waive any right you may have as to the privacy of such communications and you agree to have no expectation of confidentiality of such communications. Thus, to the extent permitted by applicable law, you expressly consent to the control of such communications (including technical support and customer service related communications) that you receive or send. When you connect to one of our Online Games, your system specifications (such as OS, RAM, video card, screen, system configuration, crash data) , etc.) can be reviewed / recorded by us to analyze and improve your Game experience and to enable us to offer you our customer services.


Please note that the operation of some Games may allow you to control the « RAM » of your computer, the media access control address(« MAC »), system files and configuration files, deleted data, etc., in order to identify unauthorized third-party programs that operate concurrently with the Game which, in PROSYGMA's sole discretion, (i) permits or facilitates any type of fraud; (ii) allow users to modify or hack the Game's interface, its environment, and / or the gaming experience in a manner not expressly authorized by PROSYGMA; or (iii) intercept, exploit or collect information from or through the Game in question (the « Unauthorized Third Party Program »). In the event that a Game detects an Unauthorized Third Party Program, (a) the Game may disclose such information to PROSYGMA, and in particular, the username of your Account, the details of the Non-authorized Third Party Program detected as well as the activities or functions thus performed, and / or information on your computer, and / or (b) PROSYGMA may exercise all or part of its rights and remedies provided for in the PROSYGMA End User License Agreement or the applicable Game Agreement, without notice to the User related to this Non-Authorized Third Party Program.

In addition, you acknowledge that all data that is stored and residing on our servers, as well as all communications that you make in the Site or in any Game (including in particular, messages only intended for another player or a group of players) and thus passing through our servers, may or may not be controlled by us or our agents, and also acknowledge, that such communications have no private character, and expressly consent to the communications control that you send or receive. You expressly waive any right to privacy of any communications sent or received by you using the means of communication of the Site (including, within legal limits, communications relating to technical support or our other customer services).


PROSYGMA allows submission of resumes electronically. Please note that information (including Personal Data) contained in a curriculum vitae or sent to PROSYGMA for any professional purpose is not subject to the other sections of this Privacy Policy. The information obtained from your curriculum vitae will only be used for the evaluation of your application for a position or for this purpose, to contact you, contact your previous employers or the persons listed in your professional references.


Please note that, as mentioned earlier in this Privacy Policy and / or our Terms and Conditions and / or on the Site itself, PROSYGMA may collect from you Personal Data relating to certain third parties, such as your parents, other members of your family, friends, etc. ( Indirect Personal Data ). Except as provided by applicable law and/or in this Policy on Personal Data, you will only communicate such Indirect Personal Data to us or to third parties after obtaining the consent of the data subject. these Indirect Personal Data.


General, aggregated, demographic and non-personal information can be collected by PROSYGMA. This anonymous, aggregated, profile data may include information you provided to us in surveys, surveys, etc., but will not be linked to any Personal Data about you (through cookies or cookies). other). They may also include aggregate anonymous information about the use of websites and the customer base.

When registering for certain services, you may have to provide information that does not identify you personally. For example, you may be asked to provide information about your date of birth, your country, your hobbies, your shopping habits, and so on. This information is usually optional, but when provided, it can be added to your Account profile and in this case you agree that it is linked to Personal Data about you. PROSYGMA requests this information to get to know you better and to submit new services, programs or offers that may interest you. If this non-personal information has been automatically collected by PROSYGMA, and it is possible to attach it to Personal Data, you hereby expressly agree that PROSYGMA binds the Other Data in question to your Personal Data.

In most cases, PROSYGMA automatically collects certain other data concerning your use of the Site. Among other things, PROSYGMA may collect information about the type of Internet browser or operating system that you use, the domain name of your Internet service provider, your "click path" on the Site, and the website or advertisement for which a link existed from the Site and which are the object of your visit. To do this PROSYGMA can use cookies and other technologies (see below). In addition, your internet browser or client software may transmit to PROSYGMA certain geographic data or other information relating to your computer (capacity, processing of game data, etc.). PROSYGMA reserves the right to use this information to compile statistics about our community of users and to transmit them to advertisers and / or our affiliated entities.

Your visits to the Site and the information provided through these technologies will remain anonymous unless you provide us with Personal Data or have provided it to us in the past. For example, if you have created an Account, your Account information (e-mail address and billing and shipping information) may be linked to the items you purchased from our online store (purchase history).


The Site, as well as certain services or advertisements available on the Site, may contain so-called "cookies". Cookies are a feature of your internet browser that allows websites to transfer certain information about your computer for record keeping purposes. A cookie stored in your computer may be used to "remember" certain information, such as a password or the fact that you have already created and registered an Account. This allows us to speed up your future activities and saves you the time needed to complete certain information such as your registration or password.

PROSYGMA (directly or through a third party service provider) also uses a software technology called "clear gifs" (also called "web beacon") which helps us to better manage the content of our Site by informing us that the content is online. Clear gifs are tiny graphics with a unique identifier, whose operation is similar to that of cookies and which are used to track the online movements of Internet users. Unlike cookies that are stored on the hard drive of a user's computer, clear gifs are embedded invisibly on the pages of the Site and are the size of the dot at the end of this sentence. These clear gifs are not related to Personal Data. Technologies or tools such as web beacons clear gifs second cookies.

Our third-party tracking service provider uses cookies and clear gifs to track overall information about non-personally identifiable visitors to our Site. They report usage and volume statistics to help us improve our Site. We do not have access, nor do we control the tracking device by the third party.

We also use clear gifs in our HTML emails to let us know which emails have been opened by their recipients. This allows us to judge the effectiveness of certain modes of communication as well as the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. For this reason, these types of clear gifs are related to Personal Data.

By using our Site, you agree that we may place these types of cookies on your machine and/or use clear gifs.

Cookies can be either permanent (that is, they reside on your computer until you delete them) or temporary (that is, they are only active up to that you close your internet browser). Some cookies are necessary to enable or facilitate electronic communications or are necessary to enable the provision of online services at the request of the user. As such, cookies or related technologies do not contain or disclose any Personal Data about you but may be combined with such Personal Data and used to process it. Personal Data collected, stored and processed through these technologies is collected in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

PROSYGMA (directly or through a third-party service provider) uses cookies, web beacons, frameworks, server log analysis and other technologies to :

  • allow you to move on the Site and use its features, including access to its secure areas ;
  • collect information relating to your use of the Site, estimate the size of our audience, its usage habits and improve the functioning of our Site ;
  • store information about your preferences so that we can personalize your experience with the Site and its subsites ;
  • speed up your searches ;
  • recognize you when you return to our site ;
  • find information for promotional, marketing or security purposes ;
  • collect information about your browsing habits to personalize our ads and make them more relevant to your interests.

Most Internet browsers generally allow you to delete cookies from your computer's hard drive, block them, or be notified before a cookie is stored. Please refer to your browser instructions or the "help" screen for more information on managing cookies. Please note that if you choose to block cookies, some areas of the Site may not work properly.



Personal Information about you that we collect for a specific purpose is stored and used exclusively for that purpose, unless you authorize us to use it for other purposes, as set forth in this Privacy Policy. If you make, for example, an online purchase from us and unless you authorize otherwise, we will not collect and store any Personal Data about you that you have communicated to us, including your billing and delivery information, only within the following frameworks: (1) to complete the transaction, (2) to comply with tax regulations and any other applicable regulations, (3) to maintain accurate commercial and financial records (in accordance with applicable standards and standards ), and (4) for customer service and returns.

We may use the information collected from you for :

  • offer you technical assistance, customer service support, or assistance in managing / maintaining your Account ;
  • know your preferences and customize your experience ;
  • improve the Site and its subsites and our other products and services ;
  • provide the services or products you order ;
  • to enable you to use PROSYGMA's means of communication ;
  • allow you to play our paid games, our free games, and download any other game ;
  • allow you to benefit from any other offers, if any, such as sweepstakes, contests and promotions ;
  • manage your Account and respond to your orders, requests and potential online purchases ;
  • inform you of any changes made to the Site and its subsites, and
  • inform you of products, services, promotions and offers that may interest you.

If you do not wish us to use the Personal Data about you for this purpose, or we send your contact information to third parties for direct commercial prospecting, you may opt against this use of your Personal Data under the conditions mentioned. above in the "Your Rights" section of this Privacy Policy.


To the extent permitted by applicable law, you expressly consent to us agreeing to share and / or transmit Personal Data about you to / with third parties.

When you provide us with Personal Data about you for a specific purpose, we may be required to share this information with other companies involved to assist us in responding to your request and to enforce compliance with the rules. confidentiality. This may include subcontractors in charge of our logistic or operating operations, billing, transaction management and monitoring, credit check or any other service provider. We may also disclose Personal Information about you to law enforcement and other security, justice or law enforcement authorities located in the United States or elsewhere, in criminal investigations, investigations into fraud, infringement of intellectual or industrial property rights of others or other activities considered illegal, and more generally in accordance with the requirements of the applicable regulations. In addition, we may disclose such information, in our sole discretion, for the purpose of protecting the rights, property or safety of PROSYGMA, our customers or others. This includes exchanging information with other companies and organizations for fraud protection and credit risk reduction.

We also provide Personal Data about you to contractors so that they can manage and process them for the purposes set out in the Personal Data Policy and in our Terms of Use , and we may also share information with third parties (such as any auditor, chartered accountant or legal advisor) for professional advice. Such processing is subject to any contractualization required to comply with applicable laws, in order to preserve all of your rights relating to the protection of Personal Data about you.

Except as described in the Personal Data Policy, we will never share Personal Data about you with third parties without your express permission and the only Personal Data about you that we wish to share with third parties. are your last name, your postal address and your e-mail address. If you do not want us to share this information with third parties, simply follow the steps in the "Your Rights" section of this Privacy Policy.

General, demographic and other Global Data may sometimes be shared with third parties regarding our user base but this information does not include Personal Data about you.

You are deemed to have consented to the communication and use, by any subsequent owner or operator of the Site, of Personal Data concerning you contained in the PROSYGMA database and relating to the website (s) concerned ( s), in the event that PROSYGMA or any of its affiliated entities assigns or otherwise transfers all of its rights and obligations relating to the use of your Personal Data in connection with a bankruptcy, a merger, acquisition, assignment of all or substantially all of the assets of the website to any other owner, operator or other purchasers or assignees.


You have the right to access information held about you by PROSYGMA. Your right of access may be exercised under the laws and regulations applicable to the protection of personal data and the protection of privacy.

This Privacy Policy applies only to information collected online by PROSYGMA through the Site, as maintained by PROSYGMA and the companies PROSYGMA controls or owns. We offer punctual links to third party websites. This Privacy Policy does not apply to third party websites, whether we link to these sites or not; We therefore encourage you to carefully read the personal data policies relating to these websites, as your rights will be governed by their policies and not those of PROSYGMA. In addition, it is possible that websites of unauthorized third parties provide links to the Site beyond our knowledge and control. We are not responsible for the content of these third party websites and we expressly exclude any liability for the statements made there. In addition, we exclude any liability for your use of these sites, their content, or any advertising offered on these sites.


Some Games may be provided to you in conjunction with a third party developer and / or publisher. During the registration process for such Games, that third party may notify you of their wish to access your Personal Data. In this situation, you will be given the opportunity to consent to the sharing of such information before such information is disclosed to the relevant third party. However, if we do not agree, you may not be able to participate in the relevant Co-Edited Game. As described in the registration process, the use by a third party of the Shared Personal Data will be governed by its Privacy Policy and the use by PROSYGMA of such information will, of course, be governed by the terms of this Privacy Policy. confidentiality.


When you transmit Personal Data, PROSYGMA may give you the option to refuse any offer or future information on new products, promotions or services. In addition, most letters you receive from PROSYGMA, such as newsletters, contain specific procedures that allow you to refuse future receipt of any other promotional mail.

Subject to compliance with our applicable security and confidentiality rules (for example, with respect to your password and your credit card number), you will have the possibility to access, modify, delete and / or update your preferences for your information and communication through your Account. At any time, if for any reason you are concerned about our use of your Personal Data, or if you wish to change or ask us to delete such Personal Data, please contact PROSYGMA Privacy Policy, Attention: Privacy Officer, 1200 Bridge Parkway, Redwood City, CA 94065, USA or If you want your Personal Data to be removed from our active databases, we will respond to your request within a reasonable time and will make every effort to confirm that your Personal Data are no longer used (except where required by law) by PROSYGMA as a result of your notification. Please note that deleting your data will delete your Account and all related services.


In addition to this Privacy Policy, your rights and obligations with respect to the Site are governed by our General Terms Of Use or, where applicable, applicable general terms and conditions of sale, as well as, by the applicable End User License Agreement and any other policies, guides, FAQs and other applicable terms. When you register to use the Site and / or any of our other services, we encourage you to read each of these contractual documents carefully, being here reminded that you must agree to be bound by all the terms of this agreement. these contractual documents before any use of the Site and / or any related services.


For persons domiciled or residing in the European Union (" EU "), the terms "personal information" or "personal information" refer to "personal data" as defined by the European Directive on the protection of personal data and other applicable local laws.

If you visit our site from a location outside the United States, Personal Data about you may be transferred, stored and processed in the United States of America (and / or in any other jurisdiction not belonging to the European Economic Area (" EEA ")). Please note that the level of legal protection offered by the United States of America or by other non-EEA countries in which the Site operates may be lower than that in the EEA . We collect personal Data about you only to the extent that it is provided voluntarily as a result of the expressing of a specific, free and informed consent from you. By using the Site, you consent to the transfer, storage and processing of Personal Data about you outside the EEA to fulfill the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy.

In certain countries other than the United States of America, some of our online games and related services may be provided to you by third parties acting as distributor partners. To the extent that a third party distributor provides services related to your Account, you understand and agree that each of these Distributors will collect and use your personal information in accordance with its own personal data processing policy (to which you will have access when you you will register to play). To the extent PROSYGMA collects or retains any Personal Data about you, the use of this Data will be governed by the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

For example, in EU countries, to the extent that third party publishers and distributors (the "Third Party Distributors") provide services related to your Account, we may appoint such Third Party Distributor (s) as a third party Distributor (s). representatives of PROSYGMA (as defined in the EU Personal Data Protection Directive) in each of these countries for the respective needs of each of the online games for which such Third-Party Distributors are to be the distributor and for Personal Data collected about you in connection with these games. These Third Party Distributors must enter into a contract with PROSYGMA for the processing of such personal data collected in accordance with the personal data processing policies contained on their websites.


PROSYGMA has made every effort to ensure that any information collected remains secure and in its original form (that is, without being subject to any modification). Therefore, any access to Personal Data is strictly controlled. For example, for the transmission of payment information, PROSYGMA uses standard encryption technology in the industry known as the "secured-socket-layer" (" SSL "). Unless otherwise noted above or on the Site where you make a purchase, credit card numbers are used solely for the processing of payments and are not retained for direct marketing purposes. In addition, we take reasonable steps to ensure that third parties to whom we transmit this data provide sufficient protection of Personal Data.

Although PROSYGMA takes reasonable precautions against possible intrusions or other breaches of the Site and its customer databases, no website or / or any transmission over the Internet is completely secure. Therefore, PROSYGMA can not guarantee the total absence of problems such as unauthorized access, hacking or loss of data or other breaches, but we have put in place technical and organizational security measures to protect your Personal Data from accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction, or disclosure or unauthorized access to information we collect online. PROSYGMA urges you to take steps to keep your Personal Data secure by remembering your password or keeping it in a secure place (separate from your Account information) by logging out of your Account. user at the end of each session, and closing your web browser.


Questions, comments and inquiries regarding this Privacy Policy are welcome and should be addressed to :

  • By email :
  • By letter : PROSYGMA Privacy Officer (« the Person Data Correspondent of PROSYGMA »), BP 3324 Douala - Cameroon
  • By phone : +237 698 87 32 80 (ask the Privacy Officer)

This Privacy Policy was last updated on March 01, 2016.