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What is a breakup park?

A break yard is a storage area for logs with no size limit.

What is a lumberyard?

A wood yard is a space set up to store wood. This wood can be used for heating (firewood), in situ processing or for export (logs).

What are the tools of traceability?

Traceability has benefited from major progress, linked to information technology and its miniaturization, with three tools in particular:
 barcodes, radio tags, databases, etc.

What is reforestation?

Reforestation is an operation that consists of creating wooded areas or forests that have been cut down (or "clear-cut") or destroyed by various causes in the past (overexploitation, forest fire, overgrazing, war...). Sometimes they are explicitly protection forests.

What is debarking?

Debarking is the action of removing the bark from a tree. It is a preliminary step to sawing.

How to determine the age of a tree?

To determine the age of a tree, first calculate its diameter by dividing the circumference of its trunk, measured at 150 centimetres above the ground, by ft (3.14). Using this diameter, find the average growth factor of the species to which the tree belongs.

What's a block of wood?

It's the most common lumber in sawmills. The resulting pieces, sawn lengthwise, are called boards or sometimes, to misuse the term, "blocks". The wood cut into blocks is prepared by sawmills and resold by traders.

What is the purpose of sawing?

Sawing is a cold working process that consists of making narrow grooves (saw cuts) using hacksaws. The active part of the saw is the teeth of the blade, each of which digs a groove in the manner of a chisel.

How does a sawmill work?

A sawmill consists mainly of: a logyard where raw timber is stored; one or more sawing lines for cutting wood and sorting products; a sawmill yard where boards and other products are stored and sorted; and a sawmill yard where boards and other products are sorted and stored.

Why logging?

Wood is considered to be a renewable material. ... It also allows for the diversification of stands to preserve the soil and ensure good tree growth.

What is cable skidding?

Cable skidding or cable car is a common practice in mountain forests.
The technique is to tension a wire rope above the ground between two pylons located at the bottom and top of the hill to be crossed. A winch then drives a trolley along the cable. This is the cart on which the delimbed logs are hung. Branches often remain at the place where the tree is felled, where they decompose and enrich the soil.

What is a log?

A felled tree trunk whose branches have been cut off but which is still covered with its bark.

What is felling a tree?

In silviculture, felling a tree consists of cutting it down at the base to cause it to fall and then allowing it to be removed from the site and exploited. This is an important step in logging.

What is a skidding?

This is the first operation after logging: it consists of transporting felled trees from the logging site to a temporary deposit or dump site, known technically as a "loader", near a road or lane suitable for further transport away.

What is logging?

It is the extraction of resources from a forested area (or site). This activity is carried out with the aim of obtaining (and, therefore, profiting from) wood, fruit or cork.

What does forester mean?

Forestry, on the other hand, refers to what is related to or belongs to forests, the use of firewood and other related resources.

What does exploitation mean?

Exploit is a verb that refers to the action of deriving profit or wealth from a business or enterprise, and to use the qualities of a person or circumstance in an abusive manner.

Why traceability?

The traceability of the products, otherwise known as tracing, makes it possible to qualitatively ensure the path of the products. Tracing allows, in case of quality problem, to look for the causes and the origin of the problem.

Why guarantee the traceability of information?

Traceability for better productivity
By inference, this provides a clear and comprehensive view of information in context, allowing for "informed" action and thus more effective decision-making.

What is traceability?

A method consisting of retrieving information from a product and/or an activity by means of a pre-registered identification. Traceability refers to the situation where there is sufficient and necessary information to know (possibly retrospectively) the composition of a material or commercial product throughout its production, processing and distribution chain.

What does Pallitracks mean?

Computerized traceability and forest management system.

How to boost your CV?

1.      Do an internship. It's a great classic, but nevertheless essential. ...
2.    Learn a language / improve your language skills abroad or at home. ...
3.    Structure your CV (your personal information, education, professional experience, language skills and computer and personal skills).
4.    Adapt your CV according to the sector in which you are applying
5.    Add a photo (a picture is often better than a long speech).
6.    Check the accuracy of the information (your CV should match your current situation. The information in it must be accurate).

What is the font size for a CV?

The recommended font size for writing a CV is 10 for content (even 9 if your CV is dense, but never more than 12, which would give the impression that you are trying to "fill" the space). For headings and subheadings in your CV, you can use 12 and 14.

What kind of font for a resume?

Here are some examples of fonts you can use when writing your CV Among the fonts preferred by recruiters: Arial is very suitable, as are Helvetica, Calibri, Didot, Verdana or Cambria, which are neutral and effective choices.

What's a newsletter?

A newsletter, e-newsletter, e-newsletter or newsletter, is an information document sent periodically by e-mail to a mailing list of all the people who have subscribed to it.

What is an internal newsletter?

A newsletter is an information letter, on a given subject that relates to your company and on which you wish to communicate.

What is a newsletter?

The newsletter is an electronic message with the aim of informing your contacts more regularly of your news and thus improve your Customer Relationship. It is the reference loyalty tool for any good webmarketing strategy with your customers. It is an e mailing with regular frequency.

What characterizes a search directory?

A search directory is a search tool that references a very large number of sites by classifying them by thematic categories from an index of records manually completed by webmasters.

What is the CVthèque?

 Usually called "Candidate Pool" or "Candidate File", the CVthèque is a database containing CVs in all fields and a search engine that allows you to combine criteria (gender, age, level of education, professional experience, field of expertise ...) to obtain the ideal CV for your needs.

What are the different components of remuneration?

 Remuneration for work performed comprises fixed and variable elements. The basic salary consists of a fixed sum paid in exchange for the work performed. The salary supplements are added to the basic salary.

What is the difference between salary and wages?

Salary is a type of remuneration.
It is paid to an employee for his or her work in the form of an amount often expressed by the phrase "I earn CHF 5,000 per month". Remuneration, on the other hand, is the sum of a set of amounts or benefits.

What is the recruitment strategy?

Implementation of a recruitment strategy in line with the company's strategy ... Thus, we can define the recruitment strategy as the set of actions, decisions and means implemented in order to fill the vacant positions of an organisation

What is digital recruitment?

Digital recruitment is about making the most of the internet to attract, evaluate, select and hire candidates for vacancies. It includes the use of social media, job boards, mobile recruitment, online assessment platforms, and more.

What questions are asked at a job interview?

Tell me about yourself. ...
What do you know about our company? ...
Why are you interested in the job? ...
How do you see your career? ...
Why are you the ideal candidate? ...        
Are you a leader? ...
Tell me about your former employer. ...
What are your salary expectations?
Do you have any questions?          

How to behave during a job interview?

During the job interview:
- the first five minutes are decisive: be punctual. A delay could be prohibitive.
- Take care of your attitude and show that you know how to live: sit down when you are invited, do not interrupt, switch off your mobile phone.

How do you prepare for your job interview?

1.    Take time to prepare for your interview.
2.    Find out about the company that is recruiting.
3.    Analyze your CV and find out what you need for the job.
4.    Face your weaknesses.
5.    Prepare your pitch, practice speaking.
6.    Prepare all your stuff well.

What is external recruitment?

External recruitment: this is when the company decides to hire people who are not part of the company's staff. This method allows access to a more diversified network of candidates. External recruitment generates new ideas and techniques, thus bringing more creativity into the company. Training costs are reduced because the candidate usually already has the necessary qualifications for the position.

What is internal recruitment?

This type of recruitment consists of promoting people already working in the company to available positions. Thus, the recruitment costs are low and the employee does not need any special integration since he or she is already part of the company.

What are the advantages of e-recruitment?

1. Better targeting. Depending on the recruitment channel used (a jobboard specialized by sector for example), you increase your chances of reaching candidates who really correspond to what you are looking for.
2. A quick update of your offers
3. An economical solution.
4.An acceleration of the recruitment process : instant diffusion of your offers, quick reception of applications, possibility to conduct interviews remotely... save time in your recruitments, and deal with emergency situations more quickly.
5. More proactive recruitment

What are the objectives of e-recruitment?

There are three key objectives that employing organizations aim to achieve in their recruitment process:

1- The development of means enabling them to recruit competent candidates to carry out the tasks necessary for the operation of their services.
2- The acquisition of the necessary human resources at the best possible cost.
3- The placement of each candidate in the position that suits him or her and that best suits the employing organization, so that each candidate makes the best use of his or her aptitudes, training, experience, temperament and motivation in the best possible way.

What is e-recruitment?

E-recruitment (or online recruitment) is defined as the set of recruitment processes that, instead of taking place in a traditional way, are deployed on the Internet.

What is a web search directory?

A search directory is a search tool that references a very large number of sites by classifying them by thematic categories from an index of records manually completed by webmasters.

What is the difference between a directory and a search engine?

A search engine is an online tool that helps Internet users find the sites and information they are looking for. A directory is a catalogue of Web sites categorized so that users can easily find the information they need.

What is a web server?

Is a computer server that responds to these requests from the Word Wide Web using mainly the http protocol.

What is web development?

It consists in using languages (HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP) to write programs that are then executed by computers.
The instructions are set up on the internet and are carried out on servers.
They may consist solely of text and graphic elements resembling a document or be interactive by displaying information that changes according to the needs of the owners.

What is the web?

It allows you to consult with a browser the pages accessible on sites

What is a web browser?

Is a software designed to consult and display the word wide web

What does TDL mean?

TLD is the acronym for Top Level Domain or Top Level Domains.

TLDs include GTLDs for Generic Top Level Domain (.com, .org, .net, .edu, etc.) and ccTLDs for Country Code Top Level Domain or Geographic Top Level Domains (.cm, .fr, .ga, .us, .be, etc.).

What are the characteristics of a domain name ?

A domain name must consist of at least two letters and must not contain any special characters or spaces, except for the hyphen used as a separator. 

It must have a number of characters between 2 and 63 without taking into account the extension 

Characters allowed from "0" to "9" and from "a" to "z" may begin or end with a dash. 

The difference between the transfer and the change of the domain name ?

Domain transfer should not be confused with domain name change. The latter means that only the name of the website is modified or changed. Domain transfer therefore differs considerably since in the case of a domain transfer, it is the provider that changes, which means that the entire website (including the address) is transferred to a new web server. In this case, changing or creating a new domain name is simply an option (usually you can request this directly from the new provider). Changing a domain name means simply changing the address of the website, and the provider usually remains the same. Below is a short summary of the differences:                                                                                      

Domain transfer: it's the change of the Internet provider, the web host. The website and the domain are therefore transferred to a new web server.                          
 Domain change: this is simply the name change of the website address. With the domain name change, an existing website is linked or redirected to a new domain.

What is the difference between a server and a web host?

Let's start by explaining what servers and web hosting providers are. Generally speaking, a web server is an entity that accepts requests via HTTP or a similar protocol and generates a response. It can be either digital in the case of the Apache web server program, or physical, such as a dedicated machine equipped with the above-mentioned program. Web hosting is a service sold by specific companies called "hosting providers". The latter rent their servers to their customers, allowing them to create their websites.

What are the different categories of web hosting?

Web hosting offers are grouped into several categories: Free hosting, shared or mutualized hosting, "reseller" hosting, virtual dedicated hosting, dedicated hosting, "managed", "infomanaged" or "turnkey" dedicated hosting, colocation, cluster hosting and of course "home" hosting (a server placed at your place).

What is dedicated hosting?

This means that the customer then has his own server, and can generally manage it as he wishes, which is the main advantage of this type of offer. Its disadvantages: the price is much higher than shared hosting, and the need for skills to administer the machine correctly.

What is renting?

The hosting company provides the customer with space in its data processing centre so that he can place his own server inside (usually in special cabinets called racks or "bays").

What is shared or shared hosting?

That is to say that each server hosts several sites, up to several thousand, in order to mutualize costs. The main advantage is the price, the main disadvantage is that the mutualized client is not the administrator of the server.

What is web hosting / internet hosting

Is an entity whose purpose is to provide Internet users with websites designed and managed by third parties.

How to reserve a domain name?

You want to reserve a domain name for your company or for your personal use but you don't know how to reserve a domain name.
We will explain you how to reserve a domain name in a very simple and above all efficient way. Before you start, you need to check if the domain name is available, for this we will carry out an availability search based on the international whois database.
Once you have checked that the domain name to be reserved is available, you will have to click on the add to cart button and follow the procedure indicated.
After only a few steps and less than five minutes, the domain name will be reserved for you and you will be able to use it as you wish.


What does it mean to transfer a domain name?

Transferring a domain name is the act of having it hosted by a provider other than the one who registered it.

Why buy a domain name?

If you are going to create a website, you will need a domain name. The first step is to choose the right domain name. This "ndd", as we like to simplify it, is your identity on the Internet, it represents you as your brand name ...

What is the domain of an email address?

It is called "electronic mail", or "e-mail", shortened to e-mail. E-mail accounts for the bulk of total Internet traffic. ... An e-mail address is always written in lower case, without accents or spaces, and always includes the character "@".

What is a restricted generic domain name?

Is a generic domain that offers rules to users who want to get a subdomain in this domain.
Example: .biz: for business; .name: for individuals (real or fictitious); .pro: for qualified professionals.

What is web development?

It is a process of writing a site or a web page in a technical language. 

example: javaSript, java, PHP, python... 

What is a generic top level domain?

Is a top level domain intended to host sub-domains with a common characteristic other than geographical.

Example: .com ( 


What is web hosting?

Is a service including a disk space, where to put your website on the internet, to make it permanently accessible on the net. 


What is a National Top Level Domain?

Known as a country code Top-Level Domain or ccTLD is a top-level domain associated with a country or territory, whether independent or not.                        

Examples: .cm for Cameroon, .ga for Gabon, .ca for Canada, .ch for Switzerland, .fr for France.

What is a domain name?

Word composed of a character string and an extension (appearing in abbreviated form at the end of an email address) example:, 


What is an open generic domain?

Is a generic domain that does not impose rules on users who want to obtain a sub-domain in this domain.                                                                                          

Example: .com: commercial or for-profit organizations (example: .org: non-profit organizations (example:, Wikipedia).

What's an information system?

An information system is the set of resources (hardware, software, data, procedures, human, ...) structured to acquire, process, store, transmit and make available information (in the form of data, text, sounds, images, ...) within and between organizations.

What is the computer system?

The computer system is a set of means for the acquisition and restitution, processing and storage of data dedicated to the processing of information.

What is a computer directory?

A directory is a list, a regularly updated directory that contains information (name, address, contact details, etc.) on the members of an association, a company, an educational institution, a professional body, a specific sector or subscribers to a service.

What is the difference between mailing and e-mailing ?

The term e-mailing is specifically used when talking about electronic mailing (emails), while the term "mailing" is more generally applied to the mass sending of promotional mailings.

Do CCIs see each other?

Recipients in cc's see each other, but cannot see those in cc's. Recipients in cc do not see other recipients in cc, but can see those in cc.

What is the difference between Cc and Cci in an email?

Cc means "carbon copy", it's a field in which you indicate the recipients to copy
"Cci" stands for "Copie Carbone Invisible" also called "Bcc" for "Blind Carbon Copy". This is the correct field to use when you want to send a "blind carbon copy". The addresses of the recipients listed in "Bcc" do not appear in the email received by the other recipients.

How can I send an email to several people without their address appearing?

If you want to send a message to several recipients at the same time without them knowing it, it is possible. All messaging systems offer a Bcc button in their new message menu. This means Blind carbon copy (Bcc).
Isn't it better to start with definition and utility?

What is E-Marketing?

Also called digital marketing is the set of marketing methods and practices on the Internet. 

What's the mailing?

A mailing is originally the English term for a direct mail piece. It is therefore a direct marketing campaign that consists of sending a more or less personalised commercial proposal by post to a carefully targeted group of individuals.

What is a recruitment interview?

The job interview (or recruitment interview) is when the job applicant and the employer (or an intermediary such as a recruitment consultant) meet. The candidate must highlight his or her experience, skills and personality through a description of his or her professional background.

What is the Cloud?

The Cloud is a model that provides ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand access to a shared network and a set of configurable computing resources (such as networks, servers, storage, applications and services) that can be provisioned and released with minimal administration.

What is a http?

The http (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is a client-server communication protocol developed for the Www.


What is an e-mail address?

Is composed of the Www (Word Wite Web) prefix of the domain name composed of a string and an extension. Thus your domain name allows you to express all your creativity by choosing the words and extensions that make sense to your audience.

What is a programming language?

Is a conventional relationship designed to formulate algorithms and produce computer programs that apply them.


What is an html?

Hypertext Markup Language is a markup language designed to represent web pages. It allows to write hypertext.

What is JavaScript?

Scripting programming language mainly used in interactive web pages but also for servers with node usage (is a free JavaScript software platform oriented towards highly competitive event-driven network applications that need to be able to scale up)

What does ANTIC mean?

ANTIC means "National Agency for Information Technology and Communication".
Created in Cameroon on 8 April 2002 by the Head of State, with the following missions: promotion of ICTs, security audit; electronic certification; security monitoring; management of the use of naming (.cm) and addressing resources (IP addresses) at the national level.

What is a registrar?

A registrar is a company that has chosen to specialize in the registration and reservation of domain names.
In Cameroon, ANTIC manages, for example, Cameroon's Internet Top Level Domain (in .cm). It counts among its members a certain number of registrars among which we can now add PROSYGMA SARL.

What is a WHOIS?

A WHOIS, literally "who's who", is a service that provides access to a database of contacts relating to a domain name extension or TLD.
The modalities of access to whois and the information available can change according to the TLDs (domains) and are set by the different registries (registrars) in charge of the domains concerned.

What is a rack or bay?

A rack is a cabinet, often made of metal, sometimes with drawers but generally with slides (or rails) designed to receive the housings of devices, generally electronic, network or computer equipment of standard size.