Smart Click Africa Tip: For your activities, adopt professional emails rather than gmail, yahoo or hotmail [Video]


The Smart Click Africa Association is committed to working for the emergence of African know-how in the ICT, telecom & Digital sector. This involves training people to better use the web and social networks, but also by raising awareness for the use of the many digital solutions that exist to change or improve the lives of citizens.

This is the essence of the Smart Click Africa association's 10 million Smart Citizens program launched in April 2020, which aims to train or raise awareness among 10 million Smart Citizens, smart and intelligent citizens living in the smart African cities that are gradually being created.

Smart Click Africa will therefore regularly produce small videos to explain to everyone the tips and tricks to take advantage of the many benefits offered by the web, social networks and digital solutions. First stop, the creation of a professional email. You already know Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail which are generally the most used.

Beaugas Orain DJOYUM, the president of the Smart Click Africa association, explains in this video how to create a professional email address and gives some reasons why you should use, for professional purposes, a professional email address instead of gmail, yahoo and hotmail.


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