How to search only in the text, title or URL of the web page?

Google has several prefixes to specify where you want to search for content: in the title of the page, in its text or in its web address (URL). To search for a word only present in the text of a page, use the intext prefix: followed by the word (without spaces between the two terms). Google had the good idea to provide the prefix allintext: which indicates that all the words that will follow must be searched in the text of the page. Thus the search allintext:word1 word2 word2 word3 is identical to intext:word1 intext:word2 intext:word3.

To search only in the title, use the prefixes intitle: and allintitle: (allintitle: refers to all the following words, similar to allintext:). For a search only in the web address, use inurl: and allinurl:.   Source: 01net