WordPress 5.2: new version released in May 2019

The WordPress Content Management Site (CMS) presents its new version: WordPress 5.2 is named "Jaco" in tribute to the American jazz bassist Jaco Pistorius.

What is changing?

In addition to the traditional bug fixes, we will draw your attention to the 2 main new features:

- "Site health" or "Santé du site": functionality already present in version 5.1. It consists in obtaining a diagnosis of the website and reporting the main points of attention such as 

  • Removing inactive themes
  • PHP version update
  • Optimization of tags <title>, <description>, <meta> for referencing

- Recovery mode: this feature helps to fight fatal errors, which means that WordPress 5.2 will be able to disable any themes or extensions that cause the website to crash.

If the 2 features mentioned above are the main ones, there are many others such as: block management in the Gutenberg editor, simplified customization of the privacy page and many more to discover.

For more information or to download: WordPress 5.2  

Source: CLUBIC