Top 20 most visited websites in Cameroon in 2020, according to Alexa

The latest report by Hootsuite and We are social called "Digital 2020 - Cameroon" has been available for a few days. This report indicates that there are 7.87 million Cameroonian Internet users, or 30% of a population estimated by this report at 26.21 million inhabitants. Among them, 3.7 million are active users of social networks. What do all these Internet users do on the web?

Using data from Alexa, the authors of the report present the top 20 websites most visited by Cameroonian Internet users. The authors point out that "Alexa" is the name of the Amazon insights branch and the data presented in this ranking are not limited to the activities of "Alexa's" voice-activated platforms.

Google and Youtube are at the top of this ranking. It is noted in this ranking that as of January 31, 2020, the Cameroonian website that comes in first place occupies the 10th place in this ranking: the news site With an average time of 5 Min 58 sec per visitor on the platform. Each Internet user can visit an average of 2.5 pages per visit.

However your site points to the 70th position in the ranking of websites in Cameroon and the rise continues.