The German-Cameroonian Synergies Association organized a conference on the theme: Industrial transformation and digitalization for sustainable development in Africa

For its 4th edition, the Sygercam platform, the result of Cameroon-Germany cooperation, organized a forum held from December 13 to 16 in Douala.

The forum, which took place over three days, aimed to reflect on the possibilities of a winning partnership including entrepreneurs in the digital sector. According to Sandra Doempke, GIZ advisor, Germany is looking for "Cameroonian entrepreneurial talent with whom to collaborate in order to help them acquire different know-how" in the digital field.

It appears that about twenty German companies would be willing to share their know-how with Cameroonian entrepreneurs including Lucas Nülle Gmgb, Ferntech Odyssey Energy, Boreal Light, Water Kiosk ... The president of Sygercam, Yannick Guetse, has surpassed by stating:
"We Cameroonian diaspora in Germany are aware of the progress of this country. Unfortunately, we see that our country does not take enough advantage of this knowledge that is before our eyes on the other side to bring it back home. We know that Germany is the economic powerhouse of the European Union. Our duty is to sensitize German companies to be able to establish themselves in Cameroon, which will fill the void of German knowledge in our country".

As a reminder, the Sygercam platform was born in 2016 at the initiative of the Cameroonian association Bantu Development Initiative, with the aim of bringing together within the same platform, Cameroonian and German companies, established entrepreneurs, startups and project holders from these different countries.

Source: Invest in Cameroon