The .cm in promotion is going on : 2000 fcfa to pay on December !

To obtain a domain name in .cm, it will be necessary from now on to disburse 2000 fcfa. Indeed, the ANTIC which is in full promotional campaign has lowered the cost of registration of domain names in .cm. This reduction covers the period from 1 to 31 December 2021.

During this period, any registration in an office or at an authorized agent is fixed at 2000 fcfa per domain name and valid for one year.

What is .cm ?

The .cm is the domain name extension. It is this extension that allows to have a complete web address in order to have a visibility on the web. The extension that is recognized at the Cameroonian level is the .cm. Like all domain names in the world, its use is regulated by the National Agency for Information Technology and Communication (ANTIC). It is this agency that defines the current promotion under the supervision of the Cameroonian Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.

Prosygma is a company approved by ANTIC which has been marketing the .cm for several years. So if you wish to reserve your .cm domain name at 2000 FCFA/year instead of 7000 FCFA/year, do not hesitate to contact us at +237) 699 644 150 or visit us here