The 7th edition of the Africa App Challenge (2022) focuses on agriculture

Entitled "Digital for sustainable agriculture", the seventh edition of the Africa App Challenge is opened to African entrepreneurs, media and organisations. 

The Africa App Challenge, organised by France Médias Monde, encourages the development of innovative mobile and web solutions. For this edition, the aim is to support the development of innovative digital applications for sustainable agriculture.

To participate, you must submit your application online on the dedicated website : before 10 January 2023. 

Eligible candidates are those whose project meets the following criteria :
- Must address a problem related to sustainable agriculture on the African continent,
- Must add value to the solutions already provided (innovation),
- The project must clearly define what it offers, to which clients, for what purpose, in what way and for what benefit,
- The project must be carried by a team composed of both men and women,
- Ease of handling for remote or illiterate people for example (integration of an African language),
- Ease of implementation of the project (technical developments, financial investments, necessary partnerships (schools, associations),
- Development potential before and after the Challenge App Africa. 

The competition will be reported by two programs: " It is not wind " hosted by Anne-Cécile BRAS of RFI and " Africa Weekly " on the other hand, hosted by Valériane Gauthier on France 24.

The winner will receive €15,000 to support the development of his or her project.


Source: RFI

Vanessa Ntoh

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