The 10 winners of the AFD Digital Challenge 2023

The winners of the AFD Digital Challenge, ten African start-ups in all, have been announced. They are : Adinkra (Cameroon), Colorful (Cameroon), Vortex (Nigeria), Aflamin (Morocco), IA (MNATIV (Uganda), SkanTicket (Côte d'Ivoire), ShazaCin (South Africa), SongBoost (Kenya), AkooBooks (Ghana) and Oroko Radio (Ghana).

What is the AFD Digital Challenge ?

The AFD Digital Challenge is a competition that supports businesses focusing on digital innovation to improve people's lives in Africa. Eligible solutions or projects had to address one of the following challenges: 
- The transformation and professionalisation of production and consumption methods for cultural and creative goods and services,
- Enhancing the value of Africa's cultural heritage,
- Promoting access to creative cultural content.


The prizes

The ten winners received up to €45,000 and the following prizes:
- Initiative prize for projects in the seed phase,
- Development prize for projects in the acceleration phase,
- Worldwide visibility, 
- Tailor-made support.


Vanessa Ntoh

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