Smart Click Africa launches its "10 Million Smart Citizens" programme for training, awareness raising and advocacy for better use of the Internet.


The association of Africans committed to better digital development, for a useful, healthy and safe Internet, and for a better use of the web, called Smart Click Africa, launched today its program "10 Million Smart Citizens".

It is a vast program of sensitization and training of Africans whose main objective is to have at least 10 million Africans able to better use the web and digital solutions in a beneficial way while being ready to deploy these solutions. This by 2030. So, a duration of 10 years. That is to say, the ambition to train and sensitize one million Africans every year. According to Smart Click Africa, this program "10 Million Smart Citizens" is divided into four main areas: training, awareness, information and advocacy.

Beaugas Orain DJOYUM, the president of the Smart Click Africa association, explains: "Today, after the wave of connected houses and connected objects, the trend in the world is towards the implementation of smart cities (smart and connected cities). Many cities are vying with each other in skill and ingenuity to offer digital innovations and solutions that make life easier for their citizens. At the same time, there can be no smart cities without smart citizens. So no smart cities without smart citizens. However, in Africa, while there is still a delay in many countries in the implementation of innovative digital solutions for the benefit of their populations, there are also many Africans who do not know how to use the digital tools that have been put in place, and even less know and master the basics of using the Internet and simple digital tools. The "10 Million Smart Citizens" program will therefore not only participate in the training of Africans on the basics, the basics of using the web and digital solutions at hand, but also raise awareness among African decision-makers on the importance of deploying innovative digital solutions for a better digital transformation for the benefit of their populations and by ricochet of the State".

As the first action of this vast program "10 Million Smart Citizens", the association Smart Click Africa has chosen to raise awareness about a better use of the web and social networks during this period of global health crisis caused by the coronavirus 2019. In particular, by fighting against the spread of fake news and false information circulating on the web and social networks about this disease.


In line with its objective of raising public awareness for a better use of the web and social networks, Smart Click Africa has taken the initiative to launch on April 24, 2020 in Yaounde the Covid19.CM web platform accessible at the url It allows Cameroonian Internet users not only to have the right information on Covid-19 in Cameroon (with the rubric of factchecking true or false) and thus avoid sharing fake news, but also to have all the information on the disease and methods of prevention.

According to Assongmo Necdem, head of the factchecking project Covid19.CM, "for the writing of the articles, we opted for the integration of media professionals and journalists specialized in health-related news, in order to provide Cameroonians during this difficult period, the right information on Covid-19. The team of Smart Click Africa journalists who produce the articles obviously verifies the content of the articles coming from external sources before publication. Also, some articles from other Cameroonian media, depending on their relevance, can be posted on the Covid19.CM platform. Thus, on computer, tablet or telephone, through the Covid19.CM web platform, the information reaches all Cameroonians and even all friends in Africa and the world".

The Smart Click Africa association therefore invites Cameroonians who wish to fight against the spread of fake news and who wish to have the right information on Covid-19, to visit the Covid19.CM web platform and even to participate in the action of the association.

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