The Road Fund is launching an urgent National Open Call for Tenders for the acquisition of computer equipment for its operation.

2.Consistency of the services
The services provided under this invitation to tender concern the acquisition and commissioning of computer equipment in two separate lots:

Lot 1: five (05) laptops, five (05) desktops and one (01) professional scanner;
Lot 2: two (02) copiers and eight (08) printers.

3.Estimated cost
The estimated cost of the order is forty-nine million five hundred thousand (49,500,000) FCFA including tax, i.e. twenty-five million five hundred thousand (25,500,000) FCFA including tax for lot 1 and twenty-four million (24,000,000) FCFA including tax for lot 2.

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4.Participation and origin
Participation in this invitation to tender is open to companies established in the Republic of Cameroon and operating in the field of information technology.

5. Financing
The financing of the supply covered by these bidding documents will be ensured by the line item "acquisition of computer equipment" included in the operating budget of the Road Fund for Fiscal Year 2022.

6.Consultation of Bidding Documents
The bidding documents may be consulted during working hours (7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.) at the offices of the Road Fund located at the SNI Building, 12th floor, door 12.21 - Tel: (237) - Fax: (237) - Yaoundé - Cameroon, as soon as this notice is published.

7.Acquisition of the File
The bidding documents may be obtained from the Road Fund offices located at the SNI Building, 12th floor, door 12.21 - Tel: (237) - Fax: (237) 222.22.47. 89 - Yaoundé - Cameroon, on presentation of a receipt of payment to the special CAS ARMP allocation account n° 33598860001-94 at the BICEC, of an amount of 50 000 (fifty thousand) FCFA, non-refundable, representing the acquisition costs of the file. When collecting the file, the tenderers must register by leaving their full address: BP...... ; FAX ......... ; TEL............

8. Submission of offers
Tenders written in French or English, in seven (7) copies of which (one) original and six (6) copies marked as such must be deposited no later than Wednesday, March 23, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. sharp, at the address mentioned below Road Fund - SNI Building - 12th floor - Door 12-21, Tel: (237) 222 22 47 52 - Fax. : (237) 222 22 47 89 - Yaoundé - Cameroon.

Tenders should be marked as follows Call for tenders No. 002/AONO/FR/CIPM/2022 of 28/02/2022 for the acquisition of computer equipment for the Road Fund, under the emergency procedure "To be opened only at the opening session".

9.Delivery Time
The maximum delivery time estimated by the Employer is sixty (60) days from the date of notification.

10.Admissibility of Bids
Each bidder must attach to its administrative documents a bid bond in an amount equal to five hundred and ten thousand (510,000) CFA francs for lot 1 and four hundred and eighty thousand (480,000) CFA francs for lot 2, valid for thirty (30) days after the original date of validity of the bids. This deposit may take one of the following forms

Payment or transfer to the "deposit account" opened at SCB Cameroon - Boulevard du 20 mai branch:
Bank code: 10002 - Counter code: 00031
Account number: 12014073151 RIB key: 39
IBAN Code: CM21 1000

Bid bond issued by a first class banking institution or insurance company, approved by the Minister in charge of Finance.
The other administrative documents required must be produced in originals or in copies certified as true by the issuing department, in accordance with the provisions of the Special Rules of the Call for Tenders, otherwise they will be rejected.

They must be dated within three (3) months prior to the date of submission of bids or have been drawn up after the date of signature of the invitation to tender.

Any bid that does not comply with the requirements of this notice and the bidding documents will be declared inadmissible. In particular, the absence of a bid bond or failure to comply with the model documents in the bidding documents will result in the rejection of the bid.

11.Opening of bids
The opening of bids will take place in the conference room of the Road Fund located on the 13th floor - door 13-06 of the SNI building, on Wednesday, March 23, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. by the Road Fund's Internal Procurement Committee. Only bidders may attend this opening session or be represented by a duly authorized person of their choice.

12. Evaluation criteria
Main evaluation criteria



A- Eliminatory criteria


- Technical score lower than 32 "yes" out of 34 on lot 1, 22 "yes" out of 24 on lot 2;

- Absence of the bid bond at the bid opening

- Absence or non-conformity of a document in the administrative file within 48 hours after the opening of bids;

- Absence of a quantified unit price in the offer;

- Falsified document:

- Misrepresentation;

- Installation, configuration and commissioning not specified by the bidder for Lots 1 and 2;

- Repair or replacement warranty of less than six (06) months on equipment for lots 1 and 2;

- Presence of reconditioned equipment in the bid and absence of certificate of origin;

- Non-conformity of the tender model.


B- Essential criteria


- Technical characteristics

- After-sales service

- Availability of spare parts

- Planning and delivery time

- Quality of the file (colored dividers in the files, legibility, pagination).


13.Duration Validity of Bids
Bidders shall remain bound by their bids for a period of ninety (90) days from the deadline for submission of bids.

14.Additional information
Additional technical information may be obtained from the Road Fund Administrator at least 14 days prior to the bid submission deadline at the following address 12th Floor, SNI Building, Tel: (237) 222 22.47.52 - Fax. : (237) 222 22.47.89 - e-mail: Yaoundé - CAMEROON.  

The project owner must respond to questions at least five (05) working days to react to any claim.
Clarifications to the national open bidding documents may be published on the Road Fund website: