Notice of consultation for a request for quotation relating to the supply of computer equipment



Consultation N° 01 /DC/CIPM/APN/ 2020 of 28/04/2020

relating to the supply of computer equipment to the National Port Authority.

Source of financing : AUTONOMOUS BUDGET(BA)


1. Subject

As part of the execution of the project cited in reference, the Director General of the AFN is launching a notice of consultation for the acquisition of computer equipment at the AFN.


2. Consistency of the service

The provision of this consultation includes the supply of the following equipment:

-Twelve (12) complete microcomputers;

-Twelve (12) inverters;

-Seven (07) multifunction printers.


3. Estimated cost

The estimated cost is CFAF 15,000,000 (fifteen million) including all taxes.


4. Delivery time

The delivery period for supplies shall be a maximum of fifteen (15) days from the date of notification of the service order to start the service, located at the National Port Authority, CAA Building, Boulevard du 20 mai 1972 in Yaounde.


5. Allocation

This order consists of a single batch of materials to be delivered.


6. Participation and origin

Participation in this Consultation is open on equal terms to service providers established in Cameroon, specialized in the supply of this type of equipment, complying with the regulations in force and possessing the required administrative, technical and financial capacities. No sub-contracting is allowed.


7. Financing

The services are financed by the National Port Authority (APN), budget for the financial year 2020, Allocation n°2020-607-11-110103-222 300; 2020-602-21-210103-222300; 2020-603-32-320301-222300


8. Consultation of the file

The Consultation Dossier may be consulted during working hours, as soon as this notice is published, at the National Port Authority, Immeuble CAA, Boulevard du 20 mai B.P.11538 Yaoundé Tel (237) /, Fax. (237), with the Head of the Legal Unit, 1st floor, door 115.


9. Acquisition of the file

The file may be obtained during working hours as soon as this notice is published, at the General Directorate of the National Port Authority, from the Head of the Legal Unit, 1st floor of the CAA building, door 115, CAA building, Boulevard du 20 mai, B.P. 11 538, Yaounde, Tel: (237) 222 23 73 16 / 222 23 73 17, Fax: (237) 222 23 73 14 ,E-mail, on presentation of a receipt of payment of a non-refundable sum of twenty-five thousand (25,000) CFA francs to the Special Allocation Account CAS-ARMP N°335988 opened in the books of the International Bank for Trade and Savings of Cameroon (BICEC).


10. Submission of Bids

Each bid drawn up in French or English in seven (07) copies, one (01) original and six (06) copies marked as such, must reach the National Port Authority, under closed cover, to the Head of the Legal Unit, 1st floor of the CAA building, door 115, Boulevard du 20 mai 1972, B. P 11538 Yaoundé Tel. (237) Fax., E-mail:, no later than 26 MAY 2020 at 1 p.m., local time, in a closed envelope marked :

Consultation No. 01 /DC/CIPM/ APN/2020 of 28 April 2020".

For the provision of computer equipment to the Authority

National Port for the fiscal year 2020

To be opened only during the counting session".


11. Provisional bond

Each bidder must attach to its administrative documents a bid security established by a first class bank approved by the Ministry of Finance, valid for ninety (90) days beyond the date of validity of the bids. The amount of the security shall be 150,000 (one hundred and fifty thousand) CFA francs. This deposit must be paid by hand.


12. Admissibility of bids

Under penalty of rejection, the other required administrative documents must be produced in originals or in copies certified as true copies by the issuing department or an administrative authority (Prefect, Sub-Prefect) in accordance with the provisions of the Special Bidding Rules. They must be less than three (03) months old or must have been drawn up after the date of signature of the Notice of Consultation.

The absence of the bid security issued by a first class bank approved by the Minister in charge of Finance at the time of bid opening will result in the rejection of the bids without any recourse.


13. Opening of Bids

The opening of the tenders shall take place in one (01) time on May 26, 2020 at 2 p.m. at the AFN meeting room located on the 1st floor of the CAA building, door 115, Boulevard du 20 mai in Yaounde, in the presence of the bidders or their duly mandated representatives.


14. Evaluation criteria

1.1 Eliminating Criteria

Offers not meeting the following criteria will be automatically eliminated:

1- Absence or non-conformity of a document in the administrative file 48 hours after the opening of the bids;

2- Absence of the bid security at bid opening;

3- False declarations or falsified documents;

4- Non-compliance with the following major technical specifications:

- Complete micro-computers: Intel Core i5 processor, operating system and network card installed, 24-inch LED screen;

- inverters: 650 VA power, replaceable battery, audible alarm LED indicator, 15 mn autonomy, automatic regulation;

- multifunction printers: maximum printing speed 16 pages/min, scanner function, fax copy, wifi web plug, French keyboard, 800 MHZ processor speed;

5- Absence of a quantified unit price;

6- Absence of original leaflets (from the manufacturer) in colour with detailed description of the supplies offered;

7- Absence of manufacturer's authorization or distributor's approval issued by the manufacturer;

8- Absence of the declaration on honour certifying that the bidder has not abandoned a contract during the last three years, and that he is not on the list of defaulting companies established by MINMAP;

9- Non satisfaction of at least five (05) of the seven (07) essential criteria.

1.2 Essential criteria

Tenders will be evaluated on the basis of binary (yes/no) scoring on the basis of the essential qualification criteria below:

1-General presentation of the offer: respect of the order of the room layouts and each offer separated by coloured dividers ;

2-Performance of at least one (01) contract for the supply of computer equipment over the last three years (2017-2019) with the following supporting documents: first and last page copies of the Contract or registered Letter Order, together with the Receipt Report signed without reservation;

3-Warranty: Guarantee period for the equipment greater than or equal to six (06) months;

4-After-sales service (ensuring the availability of spare parts and having the necessary technical staff for installation and maintenance);

5-Financial capacity of at least 8 000 000 (eight million) FCFA;

6-Delivery time less than fifteen (15) days;

7-Condition of acceptance of the clauses of the contract: Specific Administrative Clauses Book (SACB) and Description of Supply (DOS) completed, initialled on each page and signed on the last page.

NB: Only bidders who have satisfied six (06) of the seven (07) essential criteria will be considered technically qualified and admitted to the financial analysis. 


15. Award

The letter of order will be awarded to the bidder whose bid is found to be substantially responsive, technically qualified and lowest evaluated.


16. Period of validity of tenders

Tenderers shall remain bound by their tender for 90 days from the deadline for submission.


17. Additional information

Further information can be obtained during working hours from :

Legal Unit, National Port Authority

1st floor Door 115, CAA Building, Boulevard du 20 mai

B.P. 11538 Yaoundé, Tel (237) 222 23 73 16/222 23 73 17

Fax. (237) 222 23 73 14



For all acts of corruption, please call or send a text message to MINMAP at the following numbers: 673 20 57 25/ 699 37 07 48.

YAOUNDE on 28 April 2020