National Tender Notice for the Software for the Technical Management of the SCDP

1. Purpose

Within the framework of the improvement of the performances of its technical services, the General Manager of the Société Camerounaise des Dépôts Pétroliers (SCDP) launches, on behalf of this organization, a National Open Call for Tenders relating to the acquisition, installation and training of software and computer applications for the Technical Department (DTEC) of the SCDP.


2. Consistency of the services

The services to be performed under this invitation to tender essentially comprise the tasks specified in the Supply Description (SD) of these tender documents.


3. Estimated Cost

The estimated cost of the project at the end of the preliminary studies is fifty-seven million six hundred and seventy-nine thousand three hundred and thirty-two francs (57,679,332) CFA Francs inclusive of tax.


4. Allotment

The services consist of one (01) lot.


5. Participation and origin

Participation in this call for tenders is open to all Cameroonian companies established in Cameroon and having competence in the above-mentioned fields.


6. Financing

The services covered by this invitation to tender are financed by the SCDP's investment budget for the 2021 financial year on the budget line I02G1.


7. Consultation of Bidding Documents

The bidding documents may be consulted during working hours at the offices of the Procurement Unit (located above the SCDP Club House, Tel: (+237)233 40 54 45, Ext. 12060 or +(237) 650 21 02 64), upon publication of this Notice of Invitation to Bid.


8. Acquisition of Bidding Documents

The Bidding Documents may be obtained during working hours at the offices of the SCDP's Procurement Unit (located above the Club House B. P : 2271 Tel (+237) 233 40 54 45, Extension 12060 or (+237) 650 21 02 64/ Fax (+237) 233 40 47 96, as soon as this invitation to tender is published, against presentation of a receipt of payment of a non-refundable sum of forty thousand francs (40 000) CFA payable into account N°33598800001-89 entitled "Compte Spécial CAS-ARMP" opened in the BICEC Agencies of the regional capitals and the cities of Limbe and Dschang.


9. Submission of bids

Each bid, written in French or English in seven (07) copies including one (01) original and six (06) copies marked as such and conforming to the requirements of the tender documents, must be submitted in a closed envelope bearing no indication of the identity of the bidder against a receipt no later than 18/11/2021 at 11:00 a.m. local time to the Procurement Unit at the SCDP Headquarters (located above the SCDP Club House) B. P 2271 Tel (+237) 233 40 54 45 Ext. 12060 or (+237) 650 21 02 64 /Fax(+237) 233 40 47 96 with the mention: 





10. Delivery time

The maximum period provided by the Employer for the execution of the services is four (04) months.


11. Provisional bond

Under penalty of rejection, each bidder must attach to its administrative documents a bid bond issued by a first class bank or a financial institution approved by the Ministry of Finance and listed in Exhibit 12 of the DAO, in the amount of one million two hundred thousand francs (1,200,000) CFA and valid for thirty (30) days beyond the original date of validity of the bids

It must include a handwritten statement jointly and severally binding the said establishment in accordance with Article 14 of the revised OHADA Uniform Act on the organization of securities.

For SMEs with national capital and management, the bid bond may be replaced by a legal mortgage.


12. Admissibility of Bids

Under penalty of rejection, the other documents required in the administrative file must be produced in originals or in copies certified as true by the issuing department or an administrative authority, in accordance with the provisions of the Special Rules for Invitations to Tender.

They must be dated within three (03) months of the original date of submission of bids or have been drawn up after the date of signature of the invitation to tender.

In the case of a grouping of firms, the grouping required in this invitation to tender is joint and several. Each member of the grouping must produce a complete administrative file. However, the certificate of bank domiciliation, the bid bond and the purchase receipt for the DAO will be produced only by the representative of the group.

13. Opening of Bids

The opening of the bids will be done in one time and will take place on 18/11/2021 at 12:00min, local time by the Internal Contract Award Commission at the SCDP Headquarters (located above the Club House), in the presence of the bidders or their duly authorized representatives.


14. Evaluation criteria

Eliminatory Criteria

The eliminatory criteria set forth the minimum requirements to be met in order to be admitted to the evaluation of Bids.

These include:

Administrative file

Absence of a document from the administrative file in the bids at the opening of the bids;

Falsified document or false statement;

Administrative document deemed to be non-compliant at the opening of the Bids and not corrected within the time allowed by the CIPM for this purpose.

Technical bid

Failure to obtain 80% of the essential criteria for technical evaluation, i.e. failure to validate 4 out of 5 essential criteria. 

Financial offer

*Non-compliance of the following documents with the models prescribed by the DAO: 

- Unit Price Schedule (UPS) ;

- Quantitative and Estimated Specifications (QES);

- Stamped and signed financial bid letter.

* Absence of a quantified unit price.


14.2.    Essential Criteria

Evaluation of bids will be binary (Yes/No) and will be based on the following criteria:

Company References                                                                                                        Yes/No

Organization / Methodology                                                                                            Yes/No

Human resources                                                                                                              Yes/No

Presentation of software publisher approvals (sales, installation and training)                Yes/No

Proof of financial capacity and acceptance of contract conditions                                   Yes/No


15. Award

The contract will be awarded to the bidder with the lowest evaluated bid and meeting the required technical and financial capabilities, resulting from the so-called essential criteria or eliminatory criteria in accordance with Article 50 al 1(a) of Decree No. 2018/355 of June 12, 2018 laying down the common rules applicable to the contracts of public enterprises.


16. Duration Validity of Bids

Bidders remain committed by their offer for ninety (90) days from the deadline for submission of offers.


17. Additional information

Additional information can be obtained during working hours from the Procurement Unit: Telephone (+237) 233 40 54 45, Extension 12060 or (+237) 650 21 02 64. 

All other information of a technical nature can be obtained at the SCDP headquarters in Douala, at the Technical Directorate (DTEC) or at the Sub-Directorate of Projects, Studies and Follow-up of Works (SDPEST): Tel (+237) 698 24 50 36 or 679 51 88 84.

Site visit

A visit to the machines on which the software is to be installed at the Technical Department (DTEC) of the SCDP is required of each candidate as soon as this Notice of Invitation to Tender is published, at the request of the Contract Engineer in conjunction with the Information Systems Unit (CSI) of the SCDP. This will be subject to the issuance of a site visit certificate.


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DOUALA 28-10-2021