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Focus on a futuristic profession: the artificial intelligence mentor

The increasing number and sophistication of technologies associated with artificial intelligence raise the issue of privacy protection and consequently the security of systems developed on the basis of AI.

Today, it is no longer a question of developing high-flying technological tools, but of ensuring their surveillance and, above all, of regulating their manipulation by third parties; this calls for reflection on new professions.



What would the job of artificial intelligence mentor consist of?

The AI mentor is an expert-level professional who evaluates technologies derived from artificial intelligence. His or her mission could extend to "training AIs on how to access data and set limits to their evolution", among other things.

As these technologies become more complex and numerous, the demand for such experts will increase.  The latter could have assistants specialised in the development of automatic shutdown systems whose role will be to prevent AIs from operating autonomously.

Hence the interest in anticipating potential malfunctions and putting in place alternative backup plans in the event of computer crashes. With this in mind, William Gibson has developed the concept of the "Turing police", which refers to a "force capable of controlling AI and the systems that depend on it".

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