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Self-training with the Dastudy online library

In this back-to-school period, we will take a close look at a distance learning platform that offers Internet users the possibility of self-training from a computer or a smartphone, namely, Dastudy. 

What is Dastudy ?

Created in 2019 by David Kenfack, a consultant and teacher in computer science, Dastudy is a study and entertainment platform for everyone. It aims to "facilitate access to quality knowledge to enable the most disadvantaged populations to acquire multi-skills for free", according to the Cameroon Tribune newspaper in its August 25, 2022 edition.

The platform works in partnership with teachers, academic institutions, international organisations and other professionals providing content (books, course materials, software). The website has more than 15,000 books and PDF documents and more than 2,000 up-to-date software programs.



Its impact on pupils and/or students

As a space for sharing knowledge between learners and professionals, Dastudy allows Internet users to learn about all areas of society and to exchange with others through the online forum. 

Students have the opportunity to do exercises, to improve themselves with the answers and to deepen their knowledge in various subjects (chemistry, biology, etc.). Students or self-taught people are not left out as a multitude of books will allow them to explore fields such as sociology, marine engineering or pastry making.

How does it work ?

To use Dastudy, you need to create an account and then choose your subscription from among the two packages offered: Free and Premium. The Free plan allows you to access free content (books and software) and to download a limited number of documents per day. 

To benefit from features such as unlimited downloads, reading documents in audio format or creating a list of favourite content, you must subscribe to the Premium version, available from 500 CFA francs/month.


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If you want to explore a particular area, you need to select a category and go through the process. For example, in the "forestry" category, you can choose a sub-category (forest management, wood processing, etc.) and read/download the book of your choice. 

For more information, visit the official page


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