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Digitalisation Cameroon : progress in the process of anonymisation of students' papers

The Cameroon Baccalaureate Office (OBC) continues the process of digitisation of all phases of official examinations, launched a few years ago. This reform continues this year, according to the assurance of officials of the OBC, with the automatic production of anonymity codes on copies of examinations through a digitalized process.

"This innovation allows us firstly to strengthen confidentiality and secondly to limit human error and confusion related to the manual generation of anonymity codes," said the director of examinations of the OBC, Samuel Dechamfort Nsongan, on the public audiovisual channel CRTV.

A teacher, who intervenes this year in the organization of official examinations, confided that a handover was organized by the OBC for better use of this new process. According to him, it is an off-line software that will be in charge of generating the anonymity codes. This is possible because the OBC has completed the digitisation of candidates' registrations beforehand.

"But we will just have to watch out for bugs. This is often the case when we experiment with such a reform. So we should not find the same codes everywhere," said our source, who was retained as a project manager of the OBC in an examination centre for the baccalaureate in general education.

Source : stopblabla.com