Cybersecurity: ransomware attacks have increased by 64% this year


It is now common knowledge that ransomware attacks are on the rise, but the exact percentage has remained a mystery until now. Barracuda Network has just released some very relevant information that may prove useful in this regard, and the first thing this report notes is that ransomware attacks have increased by 64% this year.


This increase could be explained by increased vulnerabilities due to Covid and the like, but what's really ominous is that many of these attacks are targeting places like hospitals, and the frequency of attacks against critical infrastructure is also on the rise.


It's important to note that about 57 percent of ransomware attacks involved companies working in areas such as infrastructure, financial services and travel. This number is relevant because it was only 18% last year, meaning that the perpetrators of these attacks are focusing more on businesses and industries that work in these sectors, all things considered and accounted for.


19% of these attacks were perpetrated by REvil and 8% by Darkside, indicating that there is a concentration of attacks between a few select gangs that are responsible for a large portion of the ransomware currently in circulation. The average ransom demand has also increased significantly to $10 million, with 30% of these attacks involving a ransom of more than $30 million. If no action is taken, the damage will continue to be extensive and the increase seen last year will continue until someone steps up to the plate.