Corona domain names are selling like hotcakes.


An avalanche of Belgian domain names linked to the coronavirus crisis have been reserved since January. We have checked more than 1,900 website addresses, from "covidgoodnews" to "jpeuxpasjaicorona .be".

onsidered and sometimes idle, many citizens and companies have rushed to buy domain names linked to coronavirus, to pour out their moods, improvise e-commerce sites or launch solidarity initiatives. Thanks to a collaboration with DNS Belgium, the authority that manages domains with the ".be" suffix, we were able to obtain a list of the domains created between the beginning of the year and mid-May 2020, when they contained certain keywords: corona and Covid, of course, but also virus and masks. No less than 1,909 names have been reserved with these five keywords, witnessing an impressive craze, linked to the crisis, for online services. We have also compared this high-volume production with that of the previous year.


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