Cameroon: Minpostel sets out its action plan for 2020


The digital economy is recognized today as a catalyst and a powerful lever for innovation and inclusive growth because it is now inseparable from the development of many aspects of the national economy and the daily activities of the population. Hence the theme "the Post, Telecommunications and ICT sector in the emerging Cameroon: the triple challenge of competitiveness, attractiveness and creativity" chosen for the 2020 edition of the annual conference of heads of central and decentralized services and structures under supervision.

It will be held from Wednesday 22nd to Thursday 23rd January 2020 in the conference room of the annex building of the ministry, in the presence of the main players in the sector. "The theme of our meeting obliges us to take stock of our activities in 2019, to identify all the pitfalls and draw up a road map for 2020 to enable our sector to meet the challenges facing it in terms of competitiveness, attractiveness and creativity for the emergence of Cameroon," Minister Libom Likeng said in her address during the opening ceremony.

Speaking about the actions started and to be continued in 2020, the Minister mentioned among others :

    - Increased accessibility of Cameroonians to high-speed Internet as well as a diversified service offer and competitive costs       thanks to a developing digital infrastructure.

     - State-of-the-art training in the sector to meet international standards

    - The accompaniment and supervision of initiatives and projects that testify to the genius of young Cameroonians.

    - Restructuring of CAMPOST thanks to the State plan contract - CAMPOST for the period 2019 - 2021

    - The strengthening of regulation in order to clean up the sector's activities.

It is thus a question of consolidating progress by transforming the pitfalls into opportunities in order to inevitably lead the country towards its emergence by 2025.