Cameroon is preparing a computer system to fight against the Micmacs in the field of motor insurance


The Ministry of Finance (Minfi) has recently authorised the setting up by the Cameroonian company Sprint-Pay of a dematerialised control system for the motor insurance branch in Cameroon.

According to our information, the presentation of this online working tool was made to all the staff of the insurance department of the Minfi on March 19, 2020. Another working session, held on June 15, 2020, made it possible to validate certain additional modules to enable an easy linkage with all the information systems of insurance companies.

In concrete terms, we are learning that the insurance department will use this tool on its website to monitor and control several parameters for each insurance certificate issued. These include the name of the subscriber, the place and date of subscription, the intermediary issuing the policy, the types and categories of vehicles, the period of cover, the rate applied, the taxes levied (VAT), the motor stamp duty levied, the number of the certificate issued, the registered accident, the adversary, the victims, the provision made...

Several entries will allow you to navigate through this software. Tax services, law enforcement agencies and Cima controls will be able to retrieve the information contributing to the recovery of each of the parameters at their respective charge. For example, mobile police terminals will be able to allow an automated check of the reality of insurance cover.

The expected results are numerous. These include:

  • the expunging of the gangrene of "under-pricing of motor insurance", which does not allow the collection of premiums sufficient to settle claims;
  • a significant improvement in collected motor turnover, an improvement in collected VAT and motor stamp duty,
  • exhaustive and instantaneous control of the rate applied;
  • the identification of all victims and the possibility of contacting them directly;
  • online and individual monitoring of the settlement of each accident victim.
  • Not forgetting an instantaneous evaluation of the claims reserves set aside by each company in the branch.