Cameroon - Digitalisation of companies: According to GICAM, 81% of Cameroonian companies have a website


The study carried out by the Commission for the Improvement of the Business Environment of the Inter-Management Group of Cameroon also reveals that 85% of companies use social networks to communicate.

The digital transformation of companies is taking place over time, and statistics from a recent study by the Groupement Inter-Patronal du Cameroun (GICAM), reveal that 81% of companies have a website. The study carried out by GICAM's Business Environment Improvement Commission, between 5 March and 29 May 2020, indicates that 85% of companies use social networks to communicate, while 67% of companies use mobile applications in their activities.  

The process of digitising companies involves around 65% of large companies and 60% of small companies, while 45% of small companies are engaged in this process. "The layout of a website varies according to the size of the company. More large companies have a website than SMEs. On the other hand, the use of social networks does not vary according to the size of the company," GICAM analyses.

This survey saw the participation of 54% of companies affiliated to GICAM, and also indicates that office, finance and accounting activities are digitised in almost all these companies. "However, 70% of these companies have human resources management software, only 39% have marketing and sales software, and 28% have project management software," it says.  Also, 89% of companies have trained their employees in the use of software.

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