Cameroon: Antic alerts on vulnerabilities in websites and applications of public administrations


 In Cameroon, the National Agency for Information Technology and Communication (Antic) announced on August 18, 2021 that it has discovered 10,000 vulnerabilities on thirty websites and applications of public administrations and private companies in the first half of 2021. This number is a significant increase over the same period in 2020 and is nearly double the number of vulnerabilities detected a year earlier.

According to Prof. Ebot Ebot Enaw, Director General of Antic, this data further reveals the vulnerability of these platforms. This in fact represents a significant risk to these institutions that are largely exposed to the actions of cybercriminals. "This considerable increase in vulnerabilities, which is deplorable, is explained by the fact that several web technologies are obsolete, and need to be updated," says Prof. Ebot Ebot Enaw.