Cameroon: After the website, the DGSN opens a Whatsapp line to inform users on the monitoring of the production of their INCs.

Until now, Cameroonians could check the availability of their National Identity Cards (CNI) on the website of the General Delegation for National Security (DGSN). They were then invited to enter the receipt number of their NIC on the website and get an answer.

Launch the search for your identy title on the DGSN website here !

The recent JeVeuxMaCNI campaign launched on the web by Internet users tired of the interminable wait for their INC has further inspired the DGSN officials who were cornered by complaints.

The General Delegation for National Security has therefore recently announced the launch of a dedicated WhatsApp service.

"You must film your receipt and attach it to one of the DGSN WhatsApp numbers 693 30 23 55 or 695 70 62 91. Then you will receive one of the following messages: Your card is available and you must go to the identification point corresponding to the issuance of your receipt; your CNI is being produced and will be available in the next few days; you are in a situation of dual identity then you must restart the process of your identification by specifying your request upon return of the first identity; your CNI cannot be produced because of erroneous information then you must identify yourself again at the identification point of your choice", informs the DGSN press release.

The institution also specifies that these WhatsApp numbers are reserved for written communication only and do not receive calls, unlike 1550. According to the DGSN, the decision to launch this WhatsApp service was made to alleviate the saturation of the 1550.

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