BIG DATA: is renting a dedicated server the best option for data backup?

Today, there is a wide range of solutions for backing up personal or professional data. But why exactly should you back up your data? How to manage your "big data"? On the occasion of the World Data Protection Day celebrated this January 28th, we take stock of the data.

What is big data?

Literally, the expression "big data" refers to the massive collection of data. This is data that conventional data storage options cannot handle. This data is of various natures:

- Messages (emails),

- Published or shared videos,

- Online shopping information and more,

- Marketing profile information (name, age, address, phone, behavior or preferences), etc.

What data backup option should I choose?

The explosion of digital data has driven the search for efficient technological solutions to store, share, analyze or easily find online data. With artificial intelligence, this data is exploited for commercial purposes among others. Hence the interest to keep them carefully in order to exploit them whenever necessary.

With the risks linked to the environment in which we evolve (fire, theft), it is not at all obvious to keep one's data for a long time at home or within the company. This is why many service providers offer server rental or server purchase as data backup solutions.

As storage units we have cloud computing. This is a computer system that consists of using remote servers to allow users to store or share data. 

Prosygma gives you the possibility to safely back up your data remotely by the following packages: Linux, Windows, Advanced and Gold. For more information on the different features, please visit our page. 

Vanessa Ntoh