Android 13: Google wants to reduce application downloads outside the Play Store significantly

The new version of android will completely change the conditions of accessibility of applications on smartphones.

New restrictions are introduced on android phones, they consist in preventing users from installing mobile applications all over the place, and especially to limit the security risks related to these software. 

In fact, Google wants to fight against sneaky applications with malicious scripts. Many of them bypass the accessibility API and perform illegal actions in the phone without the owner's knowledge (reading messages, recording contacts and their addresses, making calls, etc.).

In these cases, the user is no longer the master of his tool and his internet connection is exploited for muted file transfer. Also, most of these applications require permissions that go beyond the minimum they really need to function, which allows them to record the data of the owner of the smartphone where they are installed.



It should be noted, however, that users will still be able to authorize the applications of their choice to access the phone's data.

If you choose to practice sideloading, i.e. to install on your phone an application that interests you by file transfer (via bluetooth or USB cable on PC), be aware that your android smartphone may be in danger unless you have installed functional security solutions on your mobile. 


Vanessa Ntoh