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With Prosygma's e-marketing solutions, your campaigns are real successes !

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In addition, you can do your campaign yourself and have visibility on mailings and statistics to measure your success or entrust it to us..

For your social media campaigns

Why a social media campaign?

Always stay in touch with your customers

Every day, millions of pieces of content are shared on social networks, not only by individual users but also by businesses. Not being part of this "big picture" means losing the opportunity to come into direct contact with existing customers and potential customers..

Promote word of mouth

Establish a direct connection, a dialogue with your customers, by communicating exclusive and quality content to them with the aim of making them passionate and talking in a positive way about your activity. Reading their comments and responding to their requests is a way to get to know them and improve the service or product you offer..

Targeted segmentation

The segmentation of user categories targeted by social campaigns is extremely detailed and targeted to specific groups of individuals with particular common interests. Advertising is not addressed to everyone, but exclusively to target customers most in line with the offer of the moment. A specific segment is identified in terms of demographics, geography, language and interests.

Benefits of a Facebook campaign

Optimization and management of social media profiles and campaigns are low cost activities compared to conventional promotion initiatives. Well built, they give optimal results in terms of engagement. Stable and lasting relationships are created with users, so you can retain your target audience.


Découvrez qui sont vos concurrents et trouver de futurs partenaires.

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Diffusez des annonces textes et illustrées sur le web pour mieux vous faire connaitre.

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Investissez les réseaux sociaux pour une meilleure visibilité de vos produits.

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Envoyez en un clic des messages publicitaires à plus de 75 000 prospects et consommateurs.

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