iOS 18 : Now you can control your iPhone and iPad with your eyes !

Apple has just revealed the arrival of its Eye Tracking technology on iPhone and iPad devices with the iOS 18 update. This technology uses the device's camera to detect the user's gaze and allow them to interact with the screen by staring at an item to select it. This feature is specially designed for people with disabilities.

As part of the teasers for iOS 18, Apple focused on artificial intelligence, which will include real-time transcription of conversations. Unlike Vision Pro, iOS 18's Eye Tracking will rely on the front-facing camera on iPhones and iPads to work. Apple stresses that this technology will be available after the update to iOS 18, and will not require any additional hardware or accessories.


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The demo video shows that simply staring at an item on the screen will highlight it, then looking at it slightly longer will cause the device to take it as a click, all fluidly and without any physical movement required from the user, which is a major step forward.

Other interesting features were also revealed, such as Music Haptics, which will enable people with impaired hearing to feel music through vibrations. 

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