Cybersecurity : the Cybersafe Foundation launches Cybergirls, a training program dedicated to young African girls

CyberGirls aims to help young girls in Africa seize the opportunities offered by digital technology and cybersecurity in particular. At the same time, this will improve their socio-economic status.

The CyberGirls scholarship program, implemented by the Cybersafe Foundation, has opened applications for training in the field of cybersecurity. The CyberGirls scholarship welcomes women from all over Africa, provided they are aged between 18 and 28, passionate about cybersecurity, and have completed secondary school.

Applicants must not be employed in cybersecurity and have access to the Internet. People living with a disability that does not impede their ability to use a computer are welcome to apply. The application process and training for the CyberGirls scholarship is conducted in English. All applicants are therefore advised to learn to communicate effectively in English.



The learning path starts with the fundamentals of cybersecurity and then moves on to specialized learning paths in various sectors including cloud security, critical infrastructure security, incident response, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing.

Distance learning includes masterclasses, mentoring sessions, technical competitions, open days, coaching sessions and other in-house activities. However, the program also includes face-to-face training sessions. For the latter, the grant covers visa fees, transportation and accommodation for all meetings.
The aim is to improve the socio-economic well-being of girls in Africa, while enabling them to become cybersecurity professionals internationally.

The deadline for applications is December 11.

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Source : Agence Ecofin